Sheila Delson and her company FREEDomain Concepts LLC provides information and activities on this website and related websites, (collectively referred to as the “Site”).

Our content includes information about our programs, products and events along with photos, video and educational information for and interactivity with our users and also provides links to sites we own and sites we don’t own.

We strive to promote the online safety and privacy of our users.

We have implemented this Privacy Policy governing the personally identifiable information (“Personal Consumer Information”) collected by this Site. This Privacy Policy does not govern Personal Consumer Information collected from any other source or in any other manner.

This Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with information as to:

We will always respect your privacy, your email address, and the information you give us. We’re not going to sell it, trade it, or abuse any information you submit to us.

Here are answers to some common questions you might have regarding this subject.

What information is collected?

We only collect information that’s necessary to process your enrollment in a course or that helps us communicate with you in a personalized way.

That means we collect your name and email address.

We may also collect information that helps us schedule courses at convenient times. That means we may at some point collect your time zone or other information that can help us make decisions about our live offerings.

We don’t process payment on our website. That means we don’t keep any of your payment information.

How’s my information going to be used?

When you sign up for a waiting list, opt-in for other information that may be offered, or demonstrate interest in an offering, you’ll begin receiving relevant information about what you showed interest in as well as invitations to our online events, and information about programs or products in relevant fields like business growth, organization, behavior change, and other related topics.

How do I to stop receiving emails from you in the future?

If you want to stop receiving emails from us, you can unsubscribe at any time using the link provided at the bottom of all our emails. If after this step you still receive emails from us, there may have been a technical error or a message may have been scheduled to be sent prior to our receiving your request.

Please email our Customer Service at, with EMAIL UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line and let us know what happened.

Please know it is unlikely to happen but with marketing automation and scheduling things to go out in advance there’s always that slight chance.

Who’s going to get my information?

Your information is safe with us. So don’t worry about getting spam emails. We’ll never give out your email address or any of the information you submit on this site to anyone else.

What if I email you?

Your emails are confidential. We won’t share your email, data, or email address.

Do you use cookies?

Right now, we don’t use cookies but may in the future.

Our cookies won’t contain any personal information. They’ll be used to help you make using our website easier, such as:

We use Google Analytics data to help us understand things like what pages you visit and spend time on, what pages you don’t spend time on, etc.

We do this to help us build a better website to match our visitors’ needs.

You can opt out of Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics Opt-out page.

Public forums

Some parts of our site may enable you to participate in public services such as commenting on social media / discussion boards, in chats, and live events.

Please use discretion when posting personal information about yourself when using these services.

Be aware that when you disclose personal information at these sites, such as your name, member name, email address, etc., the information may be collected and used by others to send unsolicited email.

The services are open to the public, and what you post there can be seen by anyone and is not protected. We try to moderate the comments as best we can, but we can’t guarantee total control of the comments that you may receive while you participate in these services.

Sometimes, you may find other people’s comments to be offensive, harmful or inaccurate. We do our best to monitor any forums or groups we manage and remove any comment, post or thread which we deem to be inappropriate or harmful.

Our company’s commitment to data security

We are committed to the safety of your personal information.

However, while we work to protect your personal information, you must also take steps to protect your information.

We urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal information while you are on the Internet.

While we make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent third-party “hackers” from illegally obtaining this information.

Your privacy is very important to us

We want to make your experience on the Internet as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, and we want you to use the Internet’s vast array of information, tools, and opportunities with complete confidence.

We have created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and security. This Privacy Policy describes how our Company collects information from all end users of our Internet services (the “Services”), including those who access some of our Services but do not have accounts (“Visitors”) and those who may purchase Products and/or pay a monthly service fee to subscribe to the Service (“Members”). This Policy also explains what we do with the information we collect, and the choices Visitors and Members have concerning the collection and use of such information. We request that you read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Personal Information Our Company Collects And How It Is Used


Members may be asked to provide certain personal information when they sign up for our Products or Services including name, address, telephone number, billing information (such as a credit card number), and the type of personal computer being used to access the Services. The personal information collected from Members during the registration process (or at any other time) is used primarily to provide a customized experience while using our Products and Services. Your information will never be disclosed, traded, licensed or sold to any third party. However, we may make limited disclosure of personal information under the specific circumstances described below.

The information you provide to us will never be disclosed, traded, licensed or sold to a third party. However, there are specific instances, described below, where your information could be provided to a known third party.

Affiliate links

People ask a lot about the resources and tools we use so we provide a Resources page to make it easy to find things we recommend.

You should assume that any link you click on – on that page or anywhere else on the site – is an affiliate link.

That means, if you click on it and make a purchase, we’ll receive a commission based on that purchase.

The amount we receive doesn’t impact the price you pay.

We only recommend things we use or very trusted colleagues recommend, but do your own due diligence and don’t buy something just because it’s on our Resource page, recommended in a blog post or newsletter post, or is otherwise featured on our site.

If you buy something or opted in for something through an affiliate link, the person or organization you purchased from or opted in to through the link will have the information that you have submitted.

This may be your email address, name, address, or whatever else they asked you to share. Be sure to check the privacy policy on that company’s site.

Online shopping

If you order services or products directly from our Company we will use the personal information you provide only to process that order. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.

If you complete an order for some other company(ies) that may be linked to our Site, such as an online gift order sent directly to a recipient, you may be asked to provide information about the recipient, such as the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.

We have no control over the third parties’ use of any personal information you provide when placing such an order.

Please exercise care when ordering from another site whether it’s from a link here on our site or anywhere else. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Privacy and Terms of Use policies of any other company(ies) whose web sites you may access from our site.

Keep in mind that links get broken and sites can get hacked.

We do our best to monitor broken links but be careful.

Responses to email inquiries

When site visitors – whether a potential client or student, a vendor or potential vendor, or anyone else  —  send email inquiries to our company, we reply to the address provided.

While we may already have your email address, we don’t use the return address for any other purpose other than replying to the message and we don’t share the return email address with any third party.

Thanks for reading our privacy policy.

Revisions to this policy

Our Company reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this policy, our Terms of Use & Service agreement, and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner, by updating this posting.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on June 1, 2020 and is effective immediately.

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Governing Law

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any dispute concerning this Privacy Policy or your use of this Site shall be submitted to binding arbitration in Florida within one (1) year from the date that the cause of action arose (or, if multiple cause of actions are involved, from the date that the first cause of action arose), with such arbitration conducted pursuant to the then prevailing rules of the American Arbitration Association. To the fullest extent permitted by law, no arbitration brought pursuant hereto shall be joined to any other action or any other arbitration initiated pursuant hereto. If any portion of this Privacy Policy is deemed unenforceable, unlawful or void by a Court of competent jurisdiction, then that portion of the Privacy Policy will be deemed severable and will not affect the enforceability or validity of the remaining portions of this Privacy Policy.

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Where to direct questions about our privacy policy

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