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Be More Productive, Profitable, and Peaceful.

Work with a Virtual Organizing Professional to Bring Order to Your Home or Office

While that famous quote “A messy desk is a sign of genius” might make you feel good about the state of your office, there are plenty of studies that show that “mess equals stress”.

And we know that having a messy office hurts your professional reputation and may even hurt your career.

Now that so many people are working from home — and forced to be on camera — your space has become even more important and has a direct impact on your personal brand.

I specialize in working with people of all ages who have problems getting and staying organized so they can reach their goals. 

When my children were young boys, they both struggled with attention and other issues that interfered with their learning. 

I helped them master their issues and channel their energy and focus so they were able to excel at school and create success in adulthood.

I’ve worked with professionals — both employees and self-employed — to organize the mounds of paperwork and master their work-flow processes so they could be productive and shine in their work.

I really love working with entrepreneurs and help them manage their physical space so they can be as efficient and productive (and profitable!) as possible.

Do You Really Need an Organizing Professional?

You might be thinking I don’t need an Organizing Professional to help me.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you’ll get around to it one of these days. Or that once your sister…friend…mom….fill-in-the-blank… can come to your place then you’ll do it and you’ll do it in one full day.


How long have you been telling yourself that?

Do You Need an On-Site Organizing Professional or Could You Work Remotely with a Virtual Organizing Professional?

Not everyone is ready to work with a professional organizer and not everyone can have a professional organizer come to their location.

You can work with a Virtual Professional Organizer if you...

How do You Choose A Virtual Organizer?

Professional Organizing is a field that has no standardized entry qualifiers. That means anyone can “hang up their shingle” and call themselves a Professional Organizer.

I’ve been a Professional Organizer since 1994 and have been working with clients remotely since 2009. I’ve been teaching other organizers how to work remotely with their own clients since 2014.

As technology has become a more important part of our lives, I’ve seen more and more organizers embrace it and the opportunity it provides to work with clients around the globe with both parties in their own homes or offices.

But here’s why I think it’s important for you to choose someone who specializes in virtual organizing and who is a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional™ over someone who may have just watched it being done on HGTV and told themselves “I can do that!”

A Certified Virtual Organizing Professional

  • has demonstrated they have the skills to help you remotely (that’s part of the qualifications for being certified)
  • has invested in their own professional development
  • wants their clients to learn how to be self-sufficient, not just continue to hire them to clean up a mess.

Here are a few other things to consider when choosing a  Professional Organizer…

Make sure you choose someone who…

  • understands you and your situation
  • has experience working with similar problems
  • uses a proven system
  • challenges you to achieve your goals but won’t lecture or pressure you
  • teaches you new habits that set you up for success moving forward

Your Next Step

Let’s discuss your situation and investigate whether working together virtually would be good for you.