Hi! I'm Sheila Delson.

I love helping Professional Organizers develop their skill set and helping my private clients gain the peace and productivity that comes from being organized.

I officially launched my business, FREEDomain Concepts LLC, in 1994; but I’ve been helping people and businesses triumph over disorganization issues for most of my life. As a child navigating a challenging childhood, being organized gave me a sense of control and order when those things were actually missing from my life. As a parent, I was able to recognize how getting and staying organized could help my sons be more successful in school by helping them stay focused. They both graduated high school with A and B averages and went on to college. Today they enjoy successful professional careers. I was thrilled to discover I could make a good living doing what I loved and what came naturally to me. I’m one who becomes so passionate about what they do that they throw themselves into learning as much as possible, and are then driven to share that knowledge with others. I’m a co-founder of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization® and co-creator of the respected ICD® Clutter-Hoarding Scale®

Leader in the Professional Organizing Industry

I’m very blessed to be recognized as a leader within the professional organizing industry because of my efforts to teach others and to promote awareness about…

Leadership Roles Held

Leadership Training

Awards I've Received

Places I've Spoken

I’m honored to have been keynote speaker (twice!) in Japan to the Japan Association of Life Organizers (JALO).

Who I Serve

Professional Organizers

At this stage of my career, I’m most driven to help other Professional Organizers expand their skill set and increase their impact.

That’s why, since 2014, I’ve been teaching experienced Professional Organizers the skills needed to work with clients remotely and to certify them as the world’s first Certified Virtual Organizing Professional™.

Private Clients

When I work with private organizing clients, I work remotely with self-employed professionals or with those who are employed  by other organizations.

These individuals may have been working from home for years or have recently started remote work.

I empower them with the skills to become more productive in their home office and become more profitable (and stay sane!) as they manage their work and time more effectively.

Learn more about my organizing services.

Where to Next

Professional Organizers

If you’re a Professional Organizer with a minimum of three-years of experience working with clients and you’re interested in pivoting from the traditional on-site model to virtual organizing, you are invited to learn more about my certification program.

You can check out the course schedule, and register for the next Certified Virtual Organizing Professional™ (CVOP™) Training.

Private Clients

If you’re a self-employed professional or an employee who works from home, learn more about how we can work together to help you become more productive and profitable by creating an efficient and attractive workspace and developing long term strategies to manage your workflow.